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pretty pictures of what i am in awe of..
the gorgeousness of it all... :sigh:

blue sky.. blue water... "why is the sky blue?" "because it reflects off of the ocean." HAHAHAHAHA!
conversation w/ the smartest blonde.. ashley kriske. :) haha i love u dearest! i make fun of you because i care...
so pretty and vibrant it's almost unreal.
purple purple purple
green sand beach.
look at the tiny little ppl.. they're ruining the damn picture
that is the clearest damn water i've ever seen.. besides the stuff i drink of course
so clear it looks like evian. Ü
extremely wonderful album... you should go out and get it :).
i had a picture of chad michael murray here cuz .. well .. ya know. hes yummy ;). but i figured i have a lot of him on this page already. gotta make space for yellowcard haha
Legolas (Lord of the Rings)
this is for you Sara and Rachel Ü.
Orlando Bloom is just so gorgeous that he got to go up here w/ the other pretty stuff. and yea hes cool cuz he can shoot things and whatnot.
am i so shallow for thinking chad murray is wonderful simply because hes nice to look at? YES DAMNIT! lol
Lana, Clark, and Lex... a threesome!?! what the heck.. lol
Kristen Kreuk, Tom Welling, and Michael Rosenbaum. Smallville's so cool :)